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Here’s a little bit about who C&M is… keep reading to get the gossip. Fair price, great service…you walk away happy. Remember the old style hardware store that used to carry at least one of every item you would need for any non-emergency or emergency that you had? Like a screwdriver to fit the lawn mower and a towel rack for your bathroom, and maybe an egg timer and a cast iron skillet…all in one shopping trip? You didn’t even have to take a GPS with you to find your way out of the store?? And all they cared about is offering you a fair price and making you happy?! Well, welcome to C&M where it’s all about getting it right the first time because your time and your HVAC investments matter.

C&M is the “everything AND the kitchen sink” of HVAC in Middle Tennessee. It may sound like we’re too good to be true – but after being in business for over 30 years, we have a track record and reputation to uphold. It’s a little bit of friendly family competition that allows us to make this statement anyway:

We at C&M can literally, honestly (and successfully we might add) work on ANY manufacturer’s equipment. We mean anyone’s equipment. If you are in need of service with anything heating and cooling related, we can install and service ANY manufacturer’s equipment. We can really, legitimately solve ANY HVAC related problem.

An example of how we are the real deal… after the Flood of 2010, we saw some of the craziest problems we have ever seen, at and were able to solve every problem, every challenge put in front of us.


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Now for the gossip…yes, Charles and Milton are brothers, that’s true. They’ve lived in the area all of their lives and have a boatload of siblings, cousins and other next-of-kin. With this incredible network of family, they’ve built a strong business…and they know that they are accountable for their work because they probably grew up with more than half of the people they do work for! You can tell them apart by their sense of humor…well, maybe not so much. But think about it – brothers and their families running a business for over 30 years. There’s something to be said for families that run a successful business and laugh together.

Milton’s wife, Joyce, is probably the person you speak with most regarding orders and billing. She and Mike usually handle the scheduling and dispatching of the drivers and teams that will work on your HVAC needs. Joyce is all about the business, but also has the best laugh and really doesn’t like to cook. Adam, Milton and Joyce’s son, is working full-time while studying at the Art Institue and is learning all aspects of the business. He’s grown up around these folks and definitely understands the value of family…and the ability to tell a great story. It’s a family gift!

Charles’ wife, Brenda, handles a lot of the behind the scenes bookkeeping. She’s been called “Wonder Woman” and can run circles around most normal people. You’ll meet some of the rest of the C&M family when they come to your place and work on your systems. C&M employs multiple teams of people - over 30 workers with various specialties. As a longtime business in Middle Tennessee, C&M has done their part to keep local jobs.

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