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Green HVAC & Energy Efficient Systems in Nashville

First, C&M Heating and Cooling has great prices and the personal touch that you expect from a hometown, family-owned business. But they also compete with the big boys to offer you the very best in rebates and special programs to save you even more.

The Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development and The U.S. Department of Energy, are making rebates available to Tennessee residents who replace an existing air conditioner, central air conditioner, air source heat pump, or gas furnace with a new ENERGY STAR (copyright) qualified model. The rebates are being funded through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, and will be available on a first come, first serve basis or until February 17, 2012.

At C&M, we work with the TVA and the Energy Right folks to perform an IHEE (In Home Energy Evaluation) that can save people some serious money with Geothermal HVAC and Energy Efficient HVAC System. Do you know how much of the energy you pay for goes to waste by running with gaps or leaks in your system? With an IHEE done on your home, you will receive a report with suggested fixes, or upgrades that will be beneficial to you. The TVA has a program going on too where they will reimburse part of the installation cost.  You can also read more about energy-saving programs and products at the Department of Energy’s website, HERE.

C&M also offers the greenest way of heating and cooling your home and the newest technology in GeoThermal systems. GeoThermal is the greenest form with no carbon dioxide emissions, or any negative effects on the environment. And since it uses the temperature of the Earth to heat or cool your home, it can lead to 70% energy savings. This will only appeal to a small portion of our customer base, just because it is so much more expensive in the beginning – but it can lead to amazing savings.

C&M offers the pricing and services of a large HVAC company with the benefits of a hometown business for Geothermal HVAC and Energy Efficient HVAC Systems. C&M is the largest Rheem dealer in the mid-state area. In partnership with Rheem, C&M offers their Green technologies. Visit Rheem to read further about some of the new energy-saving technologies that can save you bundles on your energy bills.


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