Geothermal Systems

What is GeoThermal Energy?

The use of GeoThermal Energy has been around for millions of years.  your clothes in the hot springs near Little Rock, AR or rinsing you hair in a the geysers of Yellowstone Park. Okay, neither of those ideas are such good ones, but if you think about the steam and hot water that rises naturally from the molten levels deep inside the earth, you have a pretty good idea of the power that GeoThermal energy harnesses to create electricity.

Whether you are heating or cooling, the pipes used to transfer heat from the earth to your home or transfer heat from your home back to the earth, GeoThermal options use very little electricity and are very easy on the environment, as rated by the Environmental Protection Agency (GPA).

C&M offers GeoThermal HVAC and hot water solutions for your business or home.

C&M offers state of the art systems designed by Rheem that integrate heating, cooling and hot water. Rheem broke new ground in 2009 with a super efficient system, and has continued to pour research and efforts into improving their technology each year. Read more about their Geothermal offerings at on their website at .

Federal tax credits also apply to GeoThermal solutions for your business or home. The Prestige Series™ 27 to 31 EER Geothermal Heat Pump with ComfortControl² System™ serial communicating feature supplies heating, central air-conditioning and domestic hot water while costing less to operate than any other heating and cooling system. Recognizing the efficiency of geothermal energy,the Stimulus Plan enables homeowners to receive a Federal tax credit of up to 30 percent of the total installed cost of geothermal heat pumps.

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