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Pets are more than just animals. They’re part of our family, offering endless love and companionship. Just as we adapt our homes for their comfort, it’s crucial to consider how our air conditioning systems affect our furry friends. 

For pet owners in particular, maintaining the HVAC system isn’t just about personal comfort, but ensuring a safe and comfortable environment for our pets. Here are some essential air conditioning tips for pet owners from C&M Heating and Cooling, who offer Nashville the best Air Conditioning services! 

Keep those Filters Clean

Pets, especially dogs and cats, shed. Their hair and dander can easily clog up your air filters, leading to reduced efficiency of the system and potentially compromising the air quality in your home. Make it a habit to check and change your filters more frequently if you have pets. This not only keeps the air clean but also ensures that your AC system doesn’t have to work overtime.

Watch the Thermostat

While you’re away at work or out running errands, your pets are likely lounging at home. It’s essential to keep the temperature comfortable for them. Avoid turning off your AC entirely during the summer. Instead, increase the temperature a few degrees higher than your regular setting. This ensures that your pets remain comfortable without racking up a high energy bill.

Clean and Clear Vents

Make sure your indoor vents are clear of any obstructions. Not only can this help with airflow, but it also prevents your pets from lying directly against them. A cool vent might be a tempting spot for a nap, but constant contact could mean blocking airflow or accumulating more pet hair into the system.

Secure External Units

Curious pets might find the outdoor AC unit interesting. Ensure that it’s fenced or protected so that pets can’t damage the unit. Their actions could affect the efficiency of your system or, worse, lead to costly air conditioning repairs.

Consider Upgrading

If you’ve had your current HVAC system for several years, consider an upgrade. Newer models are more efficient, and some are even designed with pet owners in mind. Geothermal and energy-efficient HVAC systems, for instance, can provide consistent temperatures and cleaner air, making the environment more pleasant for everyone in the home.

Schedule Regular HVAC Maintenance

Regular maintenance can catch issues before they become major problems. This is especially true for pet owners as pets can introduce more variables that might affect the functioning of your HVAC system. A quick checkup can identify blockages, potential leaks, or other problems, ensuring your system runs efficiently.

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Pet owners have unique responsibilities when it comes to home maintenance. Our pets rely on us for their comfort and well-being. When looking for expert advice or air conditioning repairs in Nashville, TN, turn to the trusted professionals at C&M Heating and Cooling

With expertise in HVAC Repair & Installation and specialization in Geothermal and Energy Efficient HVAC systems, we can ensure that both you and your furry companions live in utmost comfort. Contact us today and give your pets the comfort they deserve!