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Your heating and cooling systems need to run efficiently in order to pump the right temperature of air throughout your entire home or facility. That’s going to take a lot of power and proper, regular maintenance. A failing HVAC unit, outdated system, or even a slight defect can wreak havoc on the health of your unit and even the air you breathe. In order to keep up with the temperature and air demands of your home or commercial HVAC system, you’re going to need to follow a few general maintenance tips and tricks. To learn more, read on.

Here are the top 4 ways to ensure your HVAC unit runs smoothly:

  • Regularly Change Unit Filters
  • Alter Your Temperatures
  • Consider Smart Technologies
  • Regular Maintenance
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Regularly Change Unit Filters

When it comes to your HVAC system, there are a few general maintenance tips you can follow without the help of a professional. While you can always enlist the help of an HVAC professional, you will typically be able to change your unit filter on your own. Typically, it is recommended to replace your HVAC filter every 30 days in order to mitigate unit strain and increase the lifespan of your entire system.

While filters can last up to 3 months, depending on the climate and other factors in your area, a local HVAC professional can offer you the right advice when servicing your maintenance needs. By changing the filter even when it doesn’t appear dirty, you can increase the efficiency of your unit and reduce any additional stressors.

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Alter Your Temperatures

While everyone’s temperature preferences are different, we all wish our house or facility was as cool or as warm as we truly want. However, with the livelihood of your HVAC unit at stake, constantly running extreme temperatures through your building can wreak havoc on a failing or outdated system. In order to ensure your HVAC unit is running smoothly and efficiently, for as long as you need it to, you’ll want to think about your temperature settings. Don’t make your unit work overtime, enlist the help of an HVAC professional to ensure you’re making the best decisions for your unit.

Consider Smart Technologies

Thermostats that operate with smart technologies are now able to help people run their HVAC units more efficiently all from the screen of their phones. With smart technologies, you can adjust your residential or commercial temperature settings when you’re gone, and change it back to your preferred setting before you get back home! Not only can this offer your system a needed break, but you can also quickly alter how your home feels. Whether you forget to turn off the heating while you’re away on vacation, or you want to maintain a consistent setting while you’re at work, smart home technologies can help the livelihood of your HVAC unit.

Regular Maintenance

One of the most important strategies to incorporate into an efficient, smooth operating HVAC unit is regular professional maintenance. Regularly checking and maintaining your heating and cooling system will benefit your unit and your bank account in the long run. Preventative maintenance can help avoid a complete breakdown in the future, set you up for success and elongate the lifetime of your entire HVAC system.

With help from a certified HVAC professional, you can work together to diagnose unit issues, prevent further damage, and even get your unit running the way it did when you first bought it. Avoid unit downtime, costly repairs, and even poor air quality with a regular HVAC maintenance plan in place. Whether you opt for monthly tune ups or even a few check-ins throughout the year, depending on your HVAC system, a professional can help ensure your entire unit is running smoothly.

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