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A well-functioning air conditioning system is vital in hot climates. With proper care and maintenance of your AC unit, you can fix common problems before they become more serious. Common problems include a lack of cold air, strange noises coming from the unit, and a dirty filter among other air conditioning issues that lead to repairs. 

Here’s how you can fix common AC problems:

  • Maintenance is Key
  • Listen to Your AC Unit
  • Clean or Replace the Filter
  • Make Sure Your Thermostat is Working Properly
  • Call a Professional for Air Conditioning Repairs

Maintenance is Key

Don’t neglect regular maintenance of your air conditioning unit. Small problems can cause big problems down the road, so nipping them in the bud is an investment into your future comfort and your wallet. Plus, routine maintenance will help ensure that your AC stays clean and running efficiently, which means less money spent on utilities.

Even if you don’t think you need repairs, get in touch with a qualified HVAC professional to schedule a yearly inspection.

Listen to Your AC Unit

Keep an ear out for unusual noises coming from your unit, such as shrieking or squealing noises. Most of the time, those strange sounds have to do with your system’s fan motor. In this case, you should immediately shut down your air conditioner. Then remove the fan, power wires, and mounting bolts to install a brand new one in reverse order.

Alternatively, if your AC unit is making banging or clanking noises, then it’s an issue of loose compressor parts rattling around. This can be caused by normal wear and tear over the years. These parts need to be fastened or replaced depending on the condition of your unit. Worse case scenario, an HVAC professional will need to install a brand new AC compressor.

Clean or Replace the Filter

Maintaining simple things like the filters of your air conditioning unit can help extend the life of your system. Your AC filter should be changed every 45 – 90 days for maximum efficiency. A dirty filter will clog your system, which means cool air will not flow properly. Additionally, dirty filters affect the air you breath, causing a number of health problems like headaches and fatigue due to the spread of dust and allergens.

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Make Sure Your Thermostat Is Working Properly

If you’ve been paying higher energy bills, notice a buildup of dirt and debris, or the temperature isn’t regulating properly, there could be an issue with your AC’s thermostat. The first thing to do is reset the thermostat by switching it off and powering off the breaker for your HVAC system. Wait 30 seconds before turning both the breaker then the thermostat back on.

If you’re still running into problems, then you may have to call an expert to repair or replace your AC’s thermostat.

Call a Professional for Air Conditioning Repairs

In the end, calling a professional for air conditioning maintenance and repairs will always be your best option to ensure an effective fix. They will be able to give your system a full inspection, determine any issues that need to be addressed, and perform necessary repairs without delay.

At C&M Heating and Cooling, we have the tools and expertise you need to ensure your air conditioning unit is working properly. If you are experiencing any of these problems, contact our company and we can fix it for you!